Murder in the Gilded City


A violent attack threatens to put a damper on tourist season in the affluent city of Saratoga Springs, NY. Police are quick to make arrests, reassuring the public that everything is under control. But Levi Kingston, a private investigator with an addiction to vinyl albums and a guilty conscience, isn’t convinced. As Kingston uncovers layers of corruption in the city of image, Jesse, a young witness to the attack, is getting attention from the public, including a vigilante militia group.

There is a fine line between justice and vengeance, and in the gilded city of Saratoga Springs, those who can’t get one will settle for the other.

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Radio Interview with Aileen Javier

Golden Apple

By the time the 2020 pandemic is in full swing, Marie has already adjusted to losing her partner to the cult of trumpism and her career to fickle market interests. With few options left, she moves to a neglected mobile home park near Saratoga Lake where she plans to adopt a dog and wait out the end of civilization.

It doesn’t take long for drama to erupt as Marie finds herself trying to coexist with a trump-loving bully, a rebellious teenager, a woman whose chronic denial has led her from NXIVM to Qanon, a sarcastic aging hippie obsessed with the Goddess Discordia, a mysterious girl who takes her rabbit for walks in a wagon, and an even more mysterious Caretaker. But no one suspects that as the 2020 election nears, a sinister plan is underway.

Marie and her neighbors don’t know it, but they’re pawns in a deadly game being orchestrated by the leader of a rapidly growing online hate group.

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Quiet Man

a debut novel from Trash Panda Press

Collin Griffen has changed. His wife suspects infidelity. His mother notices that for the first time in his life, her 28 year old son suddenly has a temper. When things escalate out of control and Collin suffers a psychotic break leading to a violent crime, his small town is in shock. Incarcerated and facing death row, his attorney, Cam Burton, is now tasked with trying to explain his client’s sudden change in behavior and decompensation into violence. Cam soon discovers his client had a spotless past and the only link to violence is his employment at Monarch Industries Slaughterhouse.

But will a jury buy this unprecedented case linking slaughter work to PTSD and violence?

As Collin awaits his fate, Cam discovers that he bit off more than he can chew with this new case. His investigation leads him into the violent underbelly of one of America’s most loved industries and sheds light on the dehumanizing work his client once did. Quiet Man takes place in a small town in North Carolina in the summer of 2016 amidst an increasingly polarized and contentious presidential election and gives the reader a front row seat into the intersecting worlds of classism, institutionalized racism and exploitation of workers, animals and the environment. Quiet Man was a Finalist for the Siskiyou Prize for Environmental Literature.

“In the vein of Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle and Daniel Quinn’s Ishmael, Quiet Man is an intentional tale crafted to unsettle the intellect. Covid exposed
the human toll of meat-processing plants on its lowest-rung workers,
and Kaufman probes their pain and mental distress to anguishing
effect. Not for the weak-stomached, Quiet Man insists on our
witnessing the cost of eating meat while maintaining the horror of
slaughter at arm’s length, and the terrible price somebody somewhere
eventually has to pay.” Linda Lowen, NY Times Essayist, Writing Instructor, Publisher’s Weekly Reviewer

“Angela Kaufman’s moving novel, Quiet Man, provides a devastating exposé of the meatpacking industry. The book, set in small town North Carolina, centers on the work of a giant corporation, Monarch Industries, that not only slaughters vast numbers of pigs with the utmost brutality, but routinely injures and dehumanizes its workers.

Kaufman tells this story with great sensitivity, peppering it with believable characters and imaginative vignettes. Overall, Quiet Man provides an exceptionally well-written, powerful indictment of corporate greed and its devastating consequences. –Lawrence Wittner, author of Confronting the Bomb

Quiet Man by Angela Kaufman is a book that grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go. A well-told story that explores the life and tragic death of the men and women whose lives have been destroyed by factory farming and the subsequent dehumanization of workers and mistreatment of animals. The story pulls at our heart strings and awakens us to the tragic conditions for animals and workers subjected to the toxic and dehumanizing work conditions of the meat packing industry. Quiet Man slams us awake and asks us to take hard look at the tragic impact that deregulation and the consolidation of the industry has had on the health and well-being of slaughterhouse workers, their families, and our communities. A good read. –Colleen Geraghty

Quiet Man is set in a small town in Mosier, North Carolina in 2016, the location of Monarch Industries: a place where 1000 pigs per hour are killed each day. As a veterinarian working for the Fairness in Farming Project says, “If you write a story about the slaughter industry, you would have a best seller, but you would have to put it on the shelf labeled Fiction.” Or as Ricardo, a man who worked on the chain doing the killing tells it: “electrocuting, slicing, cutting, taking the guts out of squealing pigs… you get fucking crazy.” And “crazy” is what happens to Collin Griffin, a young father who needs employment so badly., he works on that chain for almost a year until in a psychotic, delusional break, he accidently kills his infant son. Collin Griffin, the quiet man, is at the center of this compelling novel and his story is given to us through multiple points of view: his father, mother, and wife; his legal aid lawyer, Cam; his social worker; a vet with his own Traumatic Brain injury who becomes a therapy dog handler who brings his pit bull, Dodger, to visit Collin in jail to finally bring him back to reality. The page-turning is increased by gripping trial scenes as we sit with the jury and many in the town to hear the witnesses, and then Cam and the prosecuting attorney’s arguments to learn the verdict: Will Collin Griffin be sent on to rehabilitation care or will he be found guilty and be executed? –Ginnah Howard, author of Night Navigation, a New York Times Book Review Editors’ Choice

New, from Trash Panda Press

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Queen Up!

Queen Up!
Reclaim Your Crown When Life Knocks You Down

(Conari 2018)

In this book Angela Kaufman offers a unique take on using tarot queens to empower others. Angela also presents a year’s worth of daily exercises to inspire personal development and to “queen up.”

Each of the four Tarot Queens in this empowering year-long system represent an archetypal part of our personalities as well as our experience of being human. Detailed explanations of each archetype, and workbook-style exercises and practical tips are provided for aligning with and balancing the energies of each Queen.

  • We derive inspiration from the Queen of Wands
  • Passion comes from the Queen of Swords
  • Love from the Queen of Cups
  • Abundance from the Queen of Pentacles

Angela created the Queen Up! System to help people harness the power of passion, power and abundance by connecting with the energy of their highest potential.

The Queen Up system blends various metaphysical teachings and psychological concepts to empower women to navigate life’s most challenging situations. In part one, the basic tenets of the system are reviewed; part two introduces us to the four Tarot Queens that embody the essential qualities for creating wholeness, and readers will be taught how to access their energies as well as look at common obstacles; and part three provides a year’s supply of weekly exercises to help readers develop intuition and manifestation.

The Queens serve as a symbol of the potential of every woman. Angela Kaufman helps readers unlock this potential to harness and express their dream lives.

Inner Queen Mystical Path to Empowerment for All program

Modern people are co-creating a world of new possibilities in love and life. People around the world are awakening to their personal power of attraction, and guidance of their Inner Queen.

Angela’s new book, Queen Up! Reclaim Your Crown When Life Knocks You Down- Unleash the Power of Your Inner Tarot Queen, is available where all books are sold. Order today at Amazon Barnes & Noble, or

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The Esoteric Dream

Everyone dreams and the dreaming mind speaks in the language of evocative symbols. Now you can interpret dream symbols for the purposes of life enhancement and spiritual growth through this comprehensive guide to esoteric dreaming. Become more open to the messages from the subconscious mind to find solutions to personal problems or gain insight into day-to-day events. Learn how to remember your dreams and how to document them clearly for later interpretation. This book is an in-depth guide to understanding the consequential and multilayered meanings of mundane and arcane dream symbols and provides rituals, spells, and magickal correspondences ideal for dream work.

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Wicca: What’s the Real Deal?

Witches are everywhere! You can find them in your local schools, workplace, or community. They are your friends, colleagues, neighbors, and sometimes family members. But what do you really know about them? Break through your misconceptions with this groundbreaking, comprehensive guide showcasing Wicca and Witchcraft, written in a simple myth/truth format. Three Witches, elders in the pagan community, take on wiccan-related fallacies still present in society today. They invite Wiccans to come out of the broom closet and they encourage understanding of the tenets of Wicca by those just interested in learning about the basics. This book will serve as a tool for parents and family members who seek to appreciate a loved one s religious choices, and it will help those seeking to separate the truth about modern Witchcraft from centuries of misinformation.

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Sacred Objects, Sacred Space

An essential guide for all Witches wanting to go beyond the basic understanding of Magickal tools. The focus is on altar, meditation, divination, and other essential tools used in the home to weave Magickal energy. Tips for how to make or substitute tools with similar items for equal effectiveness are included.

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