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It’s 2020 and who doesn’t want a glimmer of hope? But being a Saturnine cuss, I can’t abide the viral posts about the “Christmas Star” phenomenon on December 21st. And I’m not just being cranky. In any genuine Astrology communities, the conjunction has been called many things, but it is only recently, and outside of these communities, that I have seen blather about a Christmas Star.

So I felt compelled to research. Allegedly, what was considered the Star of Bethlehem, was believed to have been a conjunction between Jupiter and Venus or a Supernova, or just generally a pretty impressive celestial event that could be woven into the Christian mythos. Let’s remember, academically speaking, Christ was not believed to be born in late December.

Fast forward a heck of a long time and now, perhaps because we long for the idea of a miraculous savior who will rid us of all our ails, we once again want to believe in a miraculous bright and shiny beacon that lets us know that somewhere, among us, walks an especially wise healer who we will largely disregard and then eventually murder.

Ok, that wasn’t where I was going with this…

The point is, whether you are buying the hype that the upcoming conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn is the “Christmas Star” or not, it’s still pretty impressive. Though it’s meaning may not be quite the Hallmark Holiday Movie you are playing in your head right now.

This conjunction is a big deal. The last time it occurred was 800 years ago. To read the drivel of content marketers, this is going to create a bright and wondrous phenomenon that will light up the sky on the longest night of the year. Except this is not the first time these two planets were conjunct in 800 years. In fact, I was born with Jupiter and Saturn conjunction which explains my propensity to be both an idealistic dreamer and miserable bitch, in large doses.

Though this WILL be the closest these two important planets have gotten to each other in 800 years, thus the hype in the non-Astrological community. From an Astrological standpoint, this is a bigger deal than the blogs and clickbait you’ve read has likely let on.

Jupiter and Saturn are two of the planets governing rulership of society. They deal with power but also with how power is used to rule over societies. Jupiter is the lofty, idealistic, grandiose sugar daddy who just wants to make everyone’s dreams come true. Saturn is the planetary killjoy who rules things like Karma, restrictions, limitations, traditions, and hardship, discipline and time, business and did I mention limitations?

For a festive archetypal comparison, think of Saturn as representing Ebenezer Scrooge, all that is frugal, cold and harsh. While Jupiter is the jolly Ghost of Christmas Present, complete with belly laugh and cornucopia full of goodies. As you can imagine, the “ruling styles” associated with these two planets are also completely different.

Of extreme importance beyond the singular date of their conjunction, is the Astrological premise that what these two giants set into motion has significant ripple effects for years to come. They kick into gear an significant calling out of how power is managed and what rules (Saturn) govern our societies. Will we lead by ethics, spirituality, philosophy and morality (Jupiter)? Or will we follow tradition, restrict power, enforce harsh punishments in order to manage our resources and focus on creating limitations and scarcity (Saturn)?

What’s more, we may be faced with challenges stemming from the very issues these two planets represent. Scarcity isn’t just about resources being stolen from the people by corrupt fascist leaders. It is also the natural consequences of lifestyles that are depleting the Earth of Her resources. Philosophy and idealism aren’t just about wisdom, as we are now seeing, ideology can be corrupted and distorted, and then can prove toxic.

It is worth noting these two will be conjunct in the sign of Aquarius. Now, before you start singing that upbeat tune by the 5th Dimension, consider that before we reach the “Harmony and understanding” portion of this era, we will have to contend with what Aquarius is truly about. Aquarius is the rebel of the Zodiac. All that which we hold as unshakeable, guaranteed and reliable will be challenged to the very core.







All of these Saturnine things that make us feel secure, that give us the illusion that the trains will always run on time and that we are guaranteed to be able to make sense out of a world that is just and predictable, will be subject to dramatic and unexpected changes.

Will the changes be good? Will they be bad? As the Farmer in the Chinese Proverb says, “We’ll see.”

Aquarius is the sign of society and social progress. It is also the sign of innovation. Perhaps we will see dramatic changes in technology that make our institutions even more unrecognizable than they are in comparison to only a few years ago. Perhaps the way power and leadership are managed in societies world wide will be dramatically changed. Perhaps the crisis between the haves and have nots will come to a crescendo that forces us to decide whether we continue our flawed traditions or allow complete and total innovation to replace what is not working.

Expect the unexpected, and be open to dramatic changes on a grand scale. We can all expect to be made quite uncomfortable by these changes as we will ultimately have to adapt to very new and different standards and lifestyles, especially in the realms of government, economics and finances.

But, yeah, Happy Christmas Star and all…

Post Author: angelak